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  • Developer: GIMP Development Team
  • Genre: Raster graphics editor
  • Version: 2.10.24
User Rating: Rating 4.82

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Release Date
Jun 2, 1998
GIMP Development Team
GIMP Development Team
Raster graphics editor
Windows PC, macOS, Linux


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GIMP download for Windows

Ainsley Knights

GIMP is a free, open-source, cross-platform paint program. It was originally created in 1995 by Dutch software developer Peter Mattis. Software product is available for Linux, Windows, and Mac. It is one of most popular open-source graphics programs in world. GNU Image Manipulation Program, or GIMP app is a complimentary editor that can be used for modifying and creating pictures. GNU Image Manipulation Program is designed to be a free and open-source digital picture editor for photo editing and retouching, picture composition and authoring, as well as basic video editing.

GIMP free download is a very popular open-source picture editor. It is one of best alternatives to Adobe Photoshop. It has been developed by GNU Project (which started in 1983 to develop a complete Unix-like operating system using GNU system tools).


GIMP for Windows interface is user-friendly. Program is intuitive and easy to use. Interface is divided into four sections: Toolbox, Layers, Paths, Channels. Toolbox contains tools for painting and editing the picture. Layers contains the image layers. Paths contains paths. Channels contains channels. Allows users to select colors and tools from the Toolbox and Layers. Users can also modify picture layers in Layers.

When you first start app, it opens in a new window. When you click on "File" button, it opens up a menu on the left-hand side with different tabs. If you click on "File" tab, you will see a list of different file types you can choose from. Underneath that GIMP free, there is a button for "New". When you click on this button, it will open up a new window for you to create a document.

GNU Image Manipulation Program has a user-friendly interface. Features of the program are easily accessible and its layout is obvious. There are only a few options in the menus, so you will not have difficulties in finding anything. Toolbar is placed at top of screen, there are also tabs that contain additional tools.


GIMP is easy to use. It is intuitive. It is also user-friendly. It is a free, open-source, and cross-platform program. Is one of best software install GIMP for picture editing. It is also one of the most powerful tools available. Interface of program is very easy to use and all the features can be easily found.


GIMP is a versatile software. It can be used to create a variety of pictures. It is used for graphic design and photo manipulation. Is a powerful software GIMP download free that can provide you with a lot of tools and options for editing an picture. It is a complimentary and open-source tool and has a lot of resources to offer for a photo editing and retouching.


GIMP does not provide customer service. It is not a good option for beginners. It is not an application that is frequently updated. Has a very good support. It is a free and open-source software, which means that it can be installed without any restrictions and there will not be any costs for using it.


  • Why does the download GIMP for windows not load any images?
    This is often solved by refreshing the image cache by exiting and restarting the application.
  • What is difference between software product (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and GIMP?
    GIMP is a free and open-source raster graphics editor used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, resizing, conversion into other file formats. GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  • What is GIMP?
    Is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program.
  • What is a GNU Image Manipulation Program?
    Is a free and open-source graphics editor used to edit, enhance, manipulate digital images.
  • Why use GNU Image Manipulation Program?
    Is a complimentary, open-source image editor that can be used for anything from photo retouching to creating complex art, is an alternative to Photoshop.
  • How to share your images?
    There is no sharing ability in GIMP app. You can send your images via email or use Snipping Tool application to share images as screenshots.
  • I want to edit an image and I want it to be a JPEG file, how do I do that?
    To render the image as a JPEG, go to File > Export set the file type to JPEG.
  • How do I make a selection?
    To make a selection, you can use Rectangular or Elliptical Selection Tool.


Is a very powerful image editor with a very intuitive interface & it is very customizable and can be configured to suit your needs. It has a vast range of tools such as brushes, color tools, paths, layers, etc. I think that GIMP install is a highly customizable and user-friendly photo editing tool. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, more, with a number of languages to choose from. GIMP has a number of tutorials available, is translated into more than 70 languages. The GIMP app has a large and active community on the internet, which is a great way to get feedback and support.


  • GIMP provides all essential editing features and tools;
  • Has a pretty small learning curve, it's easy for beginners to get the hang of;
  • Completely free of charge and open-source;
  • You can use GIMP to create GIFs using many layer;
  • Allows you to edit images of various formats.


  • GIMP's selection tool isn't very precise;
  • Has lower features than other paid software;
  • Lack of customer support, since it's an open-source software.

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